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From: Alain
Subject: Re: Mining operations in a new future world
Date: 12 May 2019 20:32:34
Message: <5cd882e2$1@news.povray.org>
Le 19-05-10 à 18:15, Hj. Malthaner a écrit :
> On 5/10/19 4:20 AM, Alain wrote:
>> Le 19-05-09 à 22:09, Hj. Malthaner a écrit :
>> Those excavators seems to small. Even if the ship is HUGE, the 
>> excavators should also be huge. If not, it would take for ever to dig 
>> out enough minerals to justify such a big ship.
> They must somehow fit into the ship. But I'll check the sizes to make 
> sure they actually do. I had to redo the ship because these excavators 
> needs some means to leave and enter the ship again once done.

Then, they should be collapsable or somewhat articulated so that they 
take a little space as possible while in transit.

>> On another note : Why are those canon turrets ever present on an ore 
>> transporter/processing ship ?
> Pirates or just in general, outlaws. In the world that I assumed as 
> background, police forces are only present near well established 
> systems. This is actually the first mining ship of mine which has 
> cannons because in the story of the former ship there actually were 
> pirate problems and I figured I better give this ship some self-defense.
> I shrunk the cannons today though, they were almost the size of such an 
> excavator and that seemed all wrong.

Ok, so, frontier area mining operation. Then, it makes sense.
So, some weapons as a dissuasion, strong hull and relatively low value 
to volume/mass ratio loot. It makes the prospect of attacking less 


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From: Leroy
Subject: Re: Mining operations in a new future world
Date: 13 May 2019 16:25:00
Message: <web.5cd99a1ffbff03cb4fe984260@news.povray.org>
"Hj. Malthaner" <han### [at] nospamgmxde> wrote:
> I had the idea to make a scene of a spaceship, landed on some alien
> planet, with machinery around performing mining operations. First I made
> a ship model, remotely inspired by a maggot or caterpillar shape, to
> have some association with the "live to eat", since mining is like
> eating a planet ... first attachment shows the ship on some starport.
> After the ship I started to work on some machinery and made a bucket
> excavator type of machine model. (Second attachment)

Cool! Space the final frontier :)

> But ... would a race that can build spaceships resort to such machines?
> I am worried I'll have technological clash there.

Don't worry be happy!

Great work. The only question I have can you animate this scene?
Have Fun!

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