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From: Alain
Subject: Re: Mining operations in a new future world
Date: 12 May 2019 20:32:34
Message: <5cd882e2$1@news.povray.org>
Le 19-05-10 à 18:15, Hj. Malthaner a écrit :
> On 5/10/19 4:20 AM, Alain wrote:
>> Le 19-05-09 à 22:09, Hj. Malthaner a écrit :
>> Those excavators seems to small. Even if the ship is HUGE, the 
>> excavators should also be huge. If not, it would take for ever to dig 
>> out enough minerals to justify such a big ship.
> They must somehow fit into the ship. But I'll check the sizes to make 
> sure they actually do. I had to redo the ship because these excavators 
> needs some means to leave and enter the ship again once done.

Then, they should be collapsable or somewhat articulated so that they 
take a little space as possible while in transit.

>> On another note : Why are those canon turrets ever present on an ore 
>> transporter/processing ship ?
> Pirates or just in general, outlaws. In the world that I assumed as 
> background, police forces are only present near well established 
> systems. This is actually the first mining ship of mine which has 
> cannons because in the story of the former ship there actually were 
> pirate problems and I figured I better give this ship some self-defense.
> I shrunk the cannons today though, they were almost the size of such an 
> excavator and that seemed all wrong.

Ok, so, frontier area mining operation. Then, it makes sense.
So, some weapons as a dissuasion, strong hull and relatively low value 
to volume/mass ratio loot. It makes the prospect of attacking less 


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From: Leroy
Subject: Re: Mining operations in a new future world
Date: 13 May 2019 16:25:00
Message: <web.5cd99a1ffbff03cb4fe984260@news.povray.org>
"Hj. Malthaner" <han### [at] nospamgmxde> wrote:
> I had the idea to make a scene of a spaceship, landed on some alien
> planet, with machinery around performing mining operations. First I made
> a ship model, remotely inspired by a maggot or caterpillar shape, to
> have some association with the "live to eat", since mining is like
> eating a planet ... first attachment shows the ship on some starport.
> After the ship I started to work on some machinery and made a bucket
> excavator type of machine model. (Second attachment)

Cool! Space the final frontier :)

> But ... would a race that can build spaceships resort to such machines?
> I am worried I'll have technological clash there.

Don't worry be happy!

Great work. The only question I have can you animate this scene?
Have Fun!

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From: Sven Littkowski
Subject: Re: Mining operations in a new future world
Date: 18 Jul 2019 14:06:42
Message: <5d307cf2$1@news.povray.org>
The ship designs show similarities to those 1960s spaceships from the 
Perry Rhodan universe.

But indeed, off-world mining is indeed a very interesting topic. For 
some time to come, mining equipment will still look similar to the one 
you depicted in your artwork, and what we have today.

Eventually, resource gathering will be different. The German X7 
Wendelstein fusion reactor might have opened the door to such new 
technology: out of resource material (gases in this particular case), 
through fusion the Wendelstein produces vast amounts of energy. The 
fusion of different materials can also lead to the production (fusion) 
of materials that otherwise are hard to come by. I believe, the fusion 
technology can be used for energy production, but with changed 
parameters also for creation of resources.

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