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From: Leroy
Subject: sick of video editing software!
Date: 13 Jun 2020 13:45:01
Message: <web.5ee5105e73c5681720ab53c30@news.povray.org>
I've been looking for a decent video editing program. There are a lot of them
out there that are free. Which I like (the free part)the 'lots' is what drive me
crazy. NCH as an example says it for WinXP but when downloaded I get and error
so I go back to the web page go thought the FAQ list and found nothing. So I go
to the tech support fill out the form and hit send. And I get a message that
says in order to get tech support I need to buy the damn thing. There ain't even
a place to tell them their stupid for that. I get tired of reading of all the
hype about a video program only to find that it won't work on my computer or
that I need to add other software to maybe make them work.

 I'm just blowing of steam. I could always try to write my own. That would be a
challenge! At lease it would have just what I need and nothing I don't.

 Maybe one you guys here have a favorite video editor that I would be interested
in. Any ideas would be welcome.

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From: Zeger Knaepen
Subject: Re: sick of video editing software!
Date: 13 Jun 2020 15:31:26
Message: <5ee5298e$1@news.povray.org>
Blender has a built in video editor ("video sequence editor", or VSE for 
short), but it's far from the fastest. I use this one, because that's 
what I learned editing with :)

OpenShot and ShotCut are two free open source video editors that are 
definitely worth checking out.

BlackMagic Design has a free version of DaVinci Resolve, with some 
limitations, but nothing serious (like: no 8K editing.. big deal :))

KDEnlive is supposed to be good, but I've never tried it.

HitFilm Express is a free version of HitFilm. Never tried it though. As 
far as I understand it, you have to promote them to get a download link 
(as in: you have to mention them in a post on Facebook or Twitter).

Hope this helps!

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From: Le Forgeron
Subject: Re: sick of video editing software!
Date: 14 Jun 2020 06:11:51
Message: <5ee5f7e7$1@news.povray.org>
KDEnlive is good. I used it in the past. It is nice to use.

Do not be confused by video editor programs, like graphical tablet won't
give you drawing skills without practice, they won't give you good
results without PLANNING.

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From: Leroy
Subject: Re: sick of video editing software!
Date: 23 Jun 2020 15:40:00
Message: <web.5ef259d11dbad639c3925270@news.povray.org>
Thanks for your replies!
 I'll go through those editors and see whats what.
I do have a related story. I downloaded VSDC Free. It had many features I like,
It can work with MP4, It has a zoom on the time line, and the cut scene function
worked great. So I spent the weekend editing out the commercials from Super Bowl
highlights I got from TV. To make a long story short, when done, I tried to
watch the edited video all the way through and half way though, first I had a
frozen frame, then the audio got out of since, then CRASH. It wasn't just the
player, Windows just Stop working, no video, no sound, no keyboard.
 I got Windows back up. But, now I don't trust VSDC at all...

Have Fun

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From: POVeddie
Subject: Re: sick of video editing software!
Date: 13 Jul 2020 11:55:01
Message: <web.5f0c83721dbad6394e86ba8f0@news.povray.org>
I'm sure you will find Explaining Computers' video "Top 8 Free Video Editors
2020" helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmHAiUcAPwk

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