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 Thread Activity Digest  100 most active threads in the last 30 days in all groups
 Thread Digest  100 newest threads in all groups
 Message Digest  100 newest messages in all groups excluding povray.off-topic
 Full Message Digest  200 newest messages in all groups
 Image Digest  100 newest images in all groups

 POV-Ray Topics
 general  General POV-Ray discussion
 newusers  Questions/advice for new POV-Ray users
 animations  Discussion of animation projects and techniques
 advanced-users  Discussion area for advanced users
 windows  Discussions about POV-Ray for Windows
 macintosh  Discussion about POV-Ray for Mac OS
 unix  Discussion about Unix/Linux versions of POV-Ray
 bugreports  Bugreports group
 unofficial.patches  Discussion of unofficial source code patches
 programming  Programming related discussion (i.e. source code etc.)
 documentation.inbuilt  Discussions of built-in documentation and help files
 beta-test  Issues with and information about POV-Ray beta tests
 object-collection  Events and information about lib.povray.org
 POV-Ray version 4 Topics
 pov4.discussion.general  General POV-Ray v4.0 discussion
 POV-Ray International
 international  International language group for general discussion
 binaries  International language group for binary posts
 POV-Ray Tools
 general  General discussion of tools that can be used with POV-Ray
 poser  Discussion of using Poser with POV-Ray
 POV-Ray Binary Files
 images  Postings of POV-Ray images
 animations  Postings of POV-Ray animations
 scene-files  Postings of POV-Ray scene files (binary form)
 tutorials  Postings of POV-Ray tutorials (binary form)
 utilities  Postings of POV-Ray utilities (binary form)
 programming  Binaries regarding patches to POV-Ray (binary form)
 misc  Binary files that do not fall into any other category (binary form)
 POV-Ray Text Files
 scene-files  Postings of POV-Ray scene files in readable format
 tutorials  Postings of POV-Ray tutorials in readable format
 POV-Ray Announcements
 frequently-asked-questions  The FAQ group.
Note: Posting in this group is not permitted
 news-submissions  'Interesting' news suitable for the www.povray.org news section
 IRTC Topics
 general  General discussion of the (now ended) Internet Raytracing Competition
 stills  Discussion about the stills portion of the IRTC
 animations  Discussion about the animations portion of the IRTC
 Moray Topics & Files
 win  Discussions on the Windows 95/NT version of the Moray modeller
 dos  Discussions on the DOS version of the Moray modeller
 binaries  Binary files related to the Moray modeller
 Off-Topic Topics
 povray.off-topic  General chin-wagging group (mirrored spheres and checkered planes strictly prohibited)

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