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  Materials library  
From: yesbird
Date: 22 Mar 2023 07:57:07
Message: <641aed13@news.povray.org>
As part of C4D to POV converter (https://github.com/syanenko/cinema2pov)
I would like to implement a materials library, containing the most
impressive samples to represent POV abilities from the best side.

I looked through 'textures.inc' and found a set of materials itself,
different textures and pigments. This is a good source of data to start
from (example attached), but if someone will point me to another source,
it will save a lot of time for me, which I will spend on development of
other features, like blobs (metaballs) export, for example.

Thanks in advance,

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Download 'materials.inc.txt' (3 KB)

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