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  Re: No semicolon allowed in Tuple-style assignments?  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 3 May 2023 15:40:00
Message: <web.6452b7c417acbde31f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
I am back at it, and still experiencing a lot of weird behaviour with regard to
assigning tuple-style values via macros.

And that somehow seems to be a subset of just generally weird parser behaviour

I have a scene that I've run dozens of times.
I've let it sit while I've pursued other projects and IRL stuff.
I added some fairly inconsequential code WAY at the end of the .pov file.

Now the parser is complaining about semicolons and undeclared Lvalues.

So I fiddled and restructured the macro it was complaining about, and now I'm
getting a totally inexplicable "all #declares..... require a semicolon..." error
in a macro where _everything has a semicolon_.

Okay - maybe I'm mid-parse on some other #declare or #local  and I need to fix
something upstream of the macro call.  So I add in all my macro calls that track
what level in the nesting of things I'm in, and that all seems fine ---


that the parser tells me that my error occurs on line 205.

My macro calls that output the debugging stack, and current position in the
stack, both execute to completion --- but those are AFTER the cited error line,
at lines 207 and 208.

I honestly have no idea what's going on.

Either something is very weirdly wrong with my code
I am losing my mind
there is a problem in the source code for the parser
there is a problem with the parsing of tuple-style assignments

Parsing a scene should not be this - fussy.
Nor should debugging the problem be so cryptic and mysterious.

I think there needs to be a better mechanism to structure code, and follow the
flow when parse errors are triggered.
If the parser thinks that I need a semicolon to close a #local or #declare, then
it should give me the line number of the opening #local or #declare statement
that it's expecting the semicolon to finalize.

For some reason, this particular pov/inc scene pairing has been nothing but
trouble, and I'm not really sure why.  I've written vastly more complex code.

I can use all the help and advice I can get as to how to proceed.

This is very frustrating, annoying, and angering.

Trying to run previously working code shouldn't result in a failed 2-day
debugging odyssey.

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