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  Re: Facebook 3D posts  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 4 Jul 2021 02:20:13
Message: <60e1531d@news.povray.org>
Thanks for that - very detailed - explanation. It reminds me of two 
things (or rather three):

1) You may remember my POV-Ray scene 'Paris la nuit' a couple of years 
ago, based on a photograph by Sabine Weiss in 1953. It was just done by 
trial and error of course, and a hell of a challenge with all kind of 
assumptions. Nothing to do with photogrammetry of course, but I 
appreciate your caveats about any "easy magic" ;-).

2) I have seen on a couple of occasions (on TV), archaeologists make a 
lot of photographs of an object, under all kind of angles, and later 
combine those into a 3d model (with software of course). I saw that done 
  in particular on the terracotta army in China. Closer to home, geology 
students recently used a drone to photograph the walls of a quarry in 
the same manner, and assembled them into a 3d model of the quarry. 
Fascinating stuff, and relatively cheap to implement, especially for 
students I understood.

3) I have been interested in archaeology for most of my life and so came 
quite early across the use of photogrammetry there. If I remember well, 
it was used by Unesco during the construction of the Assouan Dam in 
Egypt to move the Abou Simbel temple to a higher position. I was a 
reader of 'Archeologia' at the time.


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