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  Poseray 3.13.23: a couple of bugs  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 7 Oct 2014 04:23:28
Message: <5433a300$1@news.povray.org>
Now that I am at it, I would mention for FlyerX's benefit a couple of bugs:

1) In the Preview window, the option 'Show ground normal to y' has 
disappeared. In the Help it is said '(Applicable to POV-Ray renders 
only)' which is cryptic as /all/ renders are by POV-Ray as far as I am 

2) In the povray.binaries.images 'Silentium and Poseray' from 25-9-2014, 
I showed that the export to POV-Ray of 'Simplify geometry to bounding 
boxes for each group' does not occur consistently with a traditional 
export of the same group of objects. This seems related to not taking 
into account the original 3D space orientation of the group.


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