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  Poseray feature request?  
From: Tim Cook
Date: 1 Sep 2012 21:52:25
Message: <5042bbd9$1@news.povray.org>
A project I've been poking around at some is extracting the terrain data 
from Skyrim, converting it to obj with NifSkope, then converting it to 
udo for loading into Moray.

Problem is, there's 2,304 of them at the highest detail level, and to 
make them easier to manage within Moray I decided to group them into 4x8 
sections (I originally wanted to do 8x8, but there were issues with 
memory or going over a number boundary or something, in PoseRay I 
think).  This involves loading each mesh into PoseRay, offsetting its 
position so the result is a contiguous bit of landscape.

Doing this by hand for each and every mesh is a pain.

What would be really handy is a way to say "load these obj files, then 
offset them in a grid pattern so much by so much apart".  Or, in a 
radial pattern, or a random pattern over a particular area, so you could 
automate to an extent if it's a set of objects you aren't needing to 
fine-tune their positions once they're in Moray, just want them set up once.

Any chance of something like that being considered to be added at any 
point to Povray?  Thanks!

Tim Cook

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