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  Poser: Needed: Ancient Romans  
From: Sven Littkowski
Date: 27 Jan 2008 16:00:50
Message: <479cf102$1@news.povray.org>
Hi everyone!

I am trying hard to create the ancient Roman world with POV-Ray. As far as 
it concerns the buildings, it is relatively easy. But organic things, such 
as humans, are difficult to be developed with POV-Ray since they have (not 
yet) a shape definition for humans in their scene language.

I am you, if someone among you all could create some humans in Poser, and 
have them wearing ancient clothings. I have Poser, but lack totally the 
knowledge how to create new, realistic clothings. If you want to getr ideas 
of ancient clothings (civil, professional, and military), please visit 
http://www.romanarmy.com and other informative websites.

I need:
- Children of both sexes
- Men of all ages
- Women of all ages

- Casual
- Celebrations (also religious)
- Military (navy and army)
- Servants
- Business

Thanks for your interest and support!


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