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  Re: image and ground area  
From: wfx
Date: 7 Oct 2003 14:11:06
Message: <3f8301b9@news.povray.org>
Hughes, B. wrote:

> "wfx" <wol### [at] gmxat> wrote in message
> news:3f81c57f@news.povray.org...
>> hi,
>> i hope im in the right newsgroup.
> Hi there. Not exactly... The "right" newsgroup might have been
> povray.general or povray.newusers  :-)
im sorry and thx next time i use it ;-)

>> My problem is to fit this
>> http://teg.sourceforge.net/fx/themes/SDLport/world.tga image
>> to the ground.
>> My result looks to this
>> http://teg.sourceforge.net/fx/themes/SDLport/burg.png
>> (yes i play with kpovray modeler)
> I don't know what the kpovray modeler is. Although what you need to do, if
> I guess correctly, is to orient the image_map onto the ground plane. Looks
> almost like you have it mapping at a 90 degree angle to the ground now
> (only a single line of the image exists into infinity), which would be the
> default.
> For instance, map_type 0 (planar) projects images onto a wall facing -z,
> so if your ground is a y plane then you'll want to rotate 90 degrees on
> the x axis to lay it flat. And also translate it into position and scale
> to the size needed. For example, look at your POV script where the
> image_map is applied and have it look something like this:
> pigment {
>     image_map {
>         tga "world.tga"
>         map_type 0 // onto plane
>         once // do not tile
>     }
> translate -0.5 // center it
> scale <800,478,1>/2 // use image x and y resolution divided by two
> rotate 90*x // lay onto y plane, facing +y or up, now is x and z oriented
> scale 0.5 // rescale to final size (could be anything except 0)
> translate <1,0,1> // move to final position (someplace under your castle)
> }
> This is, of course, only one way of going about it. Only I hadn't known
> what to scale and translate it to, howver the image resolution is same as
> what I found for that image file. The POV-Ray documentation concerning
> image_map should point you in the right direction. Hopefully I've helped
> you figure it out already, too.
> Ahhh, I see what kpovmodeler is now, I believe. It's at
> http://www.kpovmodeler.org/ in case anyone else wonders about it. I'd be
> guessing this too, but it probably works with coordinates the same as the
> official POV-Ray; unlike Moray, which reorients to a different coordinate
> system. So doing as I said will probably help.
> Bob H.
Ok yes you help me a lot now it looks like this :-)

Thx a lot now i can do it better.

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