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  Re: sPatch & HammaPatch  
From: Peter Cracknell
Date: 12 Jul 2000 07:01:11
Message: <396c4ff7@news.povray.org>
I see what you mean and I think it would be good to *ask* for it - not that
I think the SPatch creator is about.  Would be what you mean where for
example you create a cylinder - two joint circles and then you want another
circle in the middle, making three joint circles - a cylinder that can be


------      <-circle
|      |       <-joining points
|      |
------      <- circle


|     |
|     |

There are two ways I have experimented with to achieve this, though
obviously not as fast or easy as they could be.  THe first is simply to move
one of the points towards the middle and extrude downwards - this does not
work if you already have a large cylinder though.  The second you many not
be aware of is creating another circle, placing it in the middle and
attaching all the nodes the joining lines.  It does mean you have to
manually re create the piece in the centre and right click all the nodes in,
but it does work.  Maybe a good suggestion would be a function whereby the
number of extrusions can be multiplied by a factor, to complicate/more
populate the mesh without manually doing it.  Well I hope thats not too much
of a mess.

Peter Cracknell


TigerHawk <tig### [at] sticnet> wrote in message
> I am haivng trouble trying to figure things out with these type of
> modelers. Here is the problem I am having (or rather what I would like
> to see happen):
> The thing the discouraged me from sPatch was that you couldn't fuse
> points onto an already created circle. Since loops are supposed to be of
> 3 OR 4 points, if you had a 3 point loop, adding another point seems
> fine, but it doesn't appear to be possible. The reaosn I need this is
> because I like to start simply and work up to complexity. For example,
> if I were to create say a face, or rather a head, I would start with
> what an artist (well an artist using paper :) would probably do - that
> is make the outline of the head (verticle and horizontal loops). The
> problem is that I can't seem to add lines and loops to those loops. I
> thought HammaPatch might help, but, unforatunately, it seems to be
> pretty much beta right now (it runs SSSLLLOOOWW on my machine :( and is
> unstable)
> Any help would be very apreciative. I was hoping to find a program that
> could do organic surfaces not only for Pov-Ray but for other exports as
> well (for use in say a Scene Demo for objects).
> Happy Tracing,
> Tim Soderstrom
> TigerHawk

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