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  Re: Interested in CMake support (build system, IDE integration)  
From: clipka
Date: 14 Nov 2013 06:54:58
Message: <5284ba12$1@news.povray.org>
Am 14.11.2013 11:01, schrieb ideasman42:

>> I do not know if the Windows part is happy with the MSVC projects (or
>> whatever they now named the IDE). But the official one has graphical
>> interface not available in unix, so factoring on makefile seems futile.
> Done well, CMake can be used to generate MSVC project files to save you the
> hassle of maintaining them and committing them into your source.

While that may well be true, and is probably a big benefit for projects 
that have their origins outside the Windows world, it may actually be 
counter-productive in a project like POV-Ray where MSVC happens to be 
the primary development environment, and where the primary developers 
don't have much CMake experience themselves. I see a risk here that it 
would create a dependency on external expertise, which in a hobbyist 
project cannot be guaranteed to persist.

Now if a CMake setup would be started by someone with enough personal 
motivation to carry it through its infancy and push it to a high level 
of quality, switching over to CMake as the primary build system might at 
some time become a viable and productive option; it's not like 
maintaining native MSVC project files is a perfect solution. But if this 
would be your only reason to set up a CMake system, then don't do it.

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