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  Re: Intel embree  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 27 Mar 2020 10:38:46
Message: <5e7e0ff6$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/25/20 6:01 PM, Mr wrote:
> Le_Forgeron <jgr### [at] freefr> wrote:
>> Le 08/01/2020 à 20:41, Mr a écrit :
>>> Has integration of intel's embree kernel into POV ever been considered? or even
>>> maybe already done?
>>> https://www.embree.org/renderer.html
>> Still the same misinformation:
>> POV has far more than triangles to process.
> Thanks for reminding, though I do fight very often against this misconception
> myself. (especially in Blender community)
> But I had the naive and obviously wrong belief that such libraries could be
> modularized and dedicated to the triangles tasks only regarding pov.
> Great work on HG POV, thank you !

I agree the up front presentation on embree is aimed at triangles and 
working at floats not doubles. I think the initial aim of embree (and 
there was a shipped ray tracing based on it too I think?) was to show 
interactive rendering with knights landing processors and the like - but 
those Intel hardware efforts are now dead as far as I know.

The part of this work catching my eye was the open source "Intel SPMD 
Program Compiler" effort. Might it be a path to get more general GPU / 
processor cluster support into POV-Ray? I don't know, not had the time 
to really dig, but it looks interesting.

Aside: Some of the quick data visualization stuff done as part of the 
embree work of value on it's own I expect too - though unsure how much 
of this of use to POV-Ray itself.

Comes to having the time to digest what was done, how to use etc. Same 
problem I have every time I look at any already built library for 

Aside 2: The https://github.com/vectorclass libraries changed from a 
paid license to an Apache 2.0 license late last year. We rolled our own
header vector class post v3.7 and unfortunately I think this a part of 
why we have a somewhat substantial v3.7 to v3.8 slowdown for certain 
scene types not represented well by our benchmark scene. I didn't play 
with this last library last year due it's license, but I liked the 
documentation and packaging of it. It's back on my to play with it 
someday list given the license change...

Bill P.

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