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  Re: sick of video editing software!  
From: Zeger Knaepen
Date: 13 Jun 2020 15:31:26
Message: <5ee5298e$1@news.povray.org>
Blender has a built in video editor ("video sequence editor", or VSE for 
short), but it's far from the fastest. I use this one, because that's 
what I learned editing with :)

OpenShot and ShotCut are two free open source video editors that are 
definitely worth checking out.

BlackMagic Design has a free version of DaVinci Resolve, with some 
limitations, but nothing serious (like: no 8K editing.. big deal :))

KDEnlive is supposed to be good, but I've never tried it.

HitFilm Express is a free version of HitFilm. Never tried it though. As 
far as I understand it, you have to promote them to get a download link 
(as in: you have to mention them in a post on Facebook or Twitter).

Hope this helps!

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