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  RoundEdge 2.0: unequal edge radii  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 29 Apr 2020 17:23:17
Message: <5ea9f045@news.povray.org>
RoundEdge 2.0 now has macros for rounded boxes with unequal edge radii. 
As a bonus, a wrapper is added for POV-Ray's cryptic isosurface evaluate 

In January of 2016, I posted an update to RoundEdge to correct a torus 
artifact.  More recently, while working on RoundEdge 2.0, I noticed that 
I had made the torus change in February 2015, and didn't post it until 
after clipka mentioned the artifact in December that year.  Why did I 
wait 350 days to post it?

I think it must have been that I was already working on the unequal edge 
radii when I made the torus correction, and planned to roll out the fix 
along with the new feature.  But the unequal edge radii turned out to 
have far more variations than I anticipated, so I put the whole update 
on the back burner--until clipka's comment induced me to rethink holding 
up the torus correction.  A massive toothache in early 2015 may have 
also been a factor in pausing development.

Well, it's 5 years later, and the new unequal edge macros are now 
completed and uploaded.


An isosurface elliptical toroid is still on my wish list.  Although I've 
already implemented mesh toroids, they cannot be deformed or blobbed. 
Back in 2008, Nicolas George proposed a function which, upon 
implementation, I found unsatisfactory.  (He projected lines from the 
origin through the central ellipse, which I had previously determined to 
be a bad approach.)  In 2006, Sebastian H. posted a function that 
appears to create the exact shape I desire, but I have been unable to 
verify that the gradients are stable.  Stable gradients would be 
essential for isosurface blobbing.

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