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  Lightsys, broken links, and user manual updates  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 30 Aug 2018 21:24:50
Message: <5b8898e2$1@news.povray.org>
I just discovered that Jaime has reorganized his website.  This is all 
well and good, except that I have 5 Object Collection modules whose user 
manuals link to Lightsys IV, and now those links are broken.  For two of 
those modules, Lightsys is a prerequisite.

   BeamTest (optional)
   BrightStar5 (acknowledgment)
   IntegrateLight (prerequisite)
   RC3Metal (recommendation)
   Spectrum (prerequisite)

For those who have downloaded these modules since mid-May and been 
unable to download Lightsys, the new URL is:

I'm trying to decide whether I should re-upload these modules with 
updated user manuals, even if I don't have any changes for the include 
files.  The IntegrateLight user manual makes an incorrect assumption 
about Lightsys anyway, so that needs to be corrected as well.  (I would 
like to add line spectrum capability to IntegrateLight, but I do not 
sufficiently understand how Lightsys deals with line spectra, so that 
will have to wait.)

It has also been bothering me that the AndroidRobot user manual may not 
be sufficiently clear about the Google license vis-a-vis the README 
file; I do not wish to be perceived as crossing The Google.  Perhaps 
that's excuse enough to go tweak the module itself?

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