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  Re: noisy rendering of a polynomial "cube"  
From: FractRacer
Date: 1 Apr 2014 05:25:32
Message: <533a860c$1@news.povray.org>
Le 01/04/2014 10:23, Lars R. a écrit :
>>> The noisy look is a combined effect of the filtered color of the
>>> object and the checkered plane which is reflected on and in the
>>> object. If you want no noisy effect here, you have to set filter to
>>> 0 or change the pattern of the plane.
>> I have said some stupidity, the checkered plane is not in cause,
>> only the filtered color cause the noisy effect. Maybe it is a
>> side-effect of the polynomial object, since the noise is not present
>> with a box.
> I know. But how can I fix that? (No, replacing the poly with a box is
> not an option. ;-))
> L.
If you don't need transparent object, you just have to change the color 
like this:

pigment { color rgb <1,0.7,0.2> }
and remove the interior statement.

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