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  Re: Polyhedra library  
From: TC
Date: 21 Jul 2009 18:36:47
Message: <4a6642ff@news.povray.org>
Firstly: thank you for your efforts and generosity in sharing the files!

Why don't you just post what you have got so far somewhere - whereever - 
just not yet in the object collection. Maybe on rapidshare, if you fear for 
the traffic it might generate.You might drop a link here.

Then we all could have a closer look at the sources, since I do not have the 
faintest idea how large or small, how complex or how trivial (in case of a 
tetraeder, cube etc. ;-) the files and data may be. So everybody interested 
in the discussion could have a look and make some comments based on facts 
instead of guesswork how the actual files do look.

Then you could consider all the arguments and decide what to do.

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