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  Re: Searching for projects that use the collection  
From: Chris B
Date: 21 Nov 2008 06:27:24
Message: <49269b1c$1@news.povray.org>
"SharkD" <nomail@nomail> wrote in message 
> Is there a way, for instance, to search Source Forge to determine whether 
> an
> object in the collection is being used?

I'm not sure what exactly the search option on SourceForge searches against.

Zipped archives download from the POV-Ray Object Collection will, by 
default, contain the prefix 'POVCollection'.
Individual files will be prefixed with the contribution name. You can get a 
full list of contribution names on the download summary page at 

ps. The license (CC-LGPL) grants the right for reuse and redistribution in 
modified and unmodified form.

Chris B.

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