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  Re: A couple more things  
From: Chris B
Date: 9 Jun 2008 06:54:52
Message: <484d0bfc@news.povray.org>
"Warp" <war### [at] tagpovrayorg> wrote in message 
> Chris B <nom### [at] nomailcom> wrote:
>> No cheating please :-).
>  I wonder if it would mess up the statistics too much if they where 
> filtered
> so that if the same library has been downloaded from the same IP address
> more than once, it would be counted as only one download.

Hmm. That would mean digging back through the logs, so, unless the 
competitiveness starts overwhelming people I'd prefer to just trust to 
folk's sense of fair play. Also I'd venture to guess that the majority of 
large organisations and domestic connections nowadays use dynamic allocation 
or address translation of some sort (though I can't prove it).

In the interests of full disclosure :-) I should declare that when I need to 
check any changes to the download code I usually download my Netball object, 
so that's probably a couple of places higher in the league table than it 
aught to be.

Chris B.

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