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  "ultra_wide_angle" use perspective?  
From: fuyok
Date: 25 Oct 2019 03:00:00
Message: <web.5db29c35e36875162dc3df130@news.povray.org>

I'm a Japanese student. I use POV-Ray for my research.

I would like to hear about the projection method of "ultra_wide_angle" camera.
CG drawn with an ultra-wide-angle camera shows a distortion of the curve that
cannot be seen with perspective, but the actual wide-angle camera is due to
perspective projection, so there is almost no distortion. In POV-Ray, I would
like to know how the super wide angle is expressed and what projection method is

in POV-Ray. (A real lens has a theory that formalizes distortion called
"distortion aberration")

I'm sorry in my very poor English.

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