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  Re: Candle light  
From: =Bob
Date: 25 Oct 1998 12:10:08
Message: <36335b70.0@news.povray.org>
Ken was talking about the matches on fire in a book of matches.
It is all halo I believe and isn't exactly a "flame" such as that of a candle.
It isn't very easy to get a good looking candle flame, I know because I've 
tried. If you need to see it, I'll send it your way if I can locate it.
Perhaps the most unavoidable problem with them is the background, any changes 
make the flame appear very different.

Message <363355B0.52D055A0@hagware.com>, Patrick Hagerty  typed...
>    I'm also interested in a semi-realistic (or better) flame and I looked
>for the example scene you mentioned, but there doesn't seem to be any such
>object.  I have also taken the time to render all of the examples shipped
>with POV and used a graphical image browser and don't see any that have
>anything that looks like a flame in them.
>If I've overlooked something, I'd appreciate being set straight.
>Patrick Hagerty
>pat### [at] hagwarecom
>Ken wrote:
>> There is one example scene provided with POV-Ray I believe
>> the title is matches.pov. It is an excellent example of producing
>> flames. In POV-Ray 3.01 it was in the showoff directory.
>> Ken
>> Ashley McGlone wrote:
>> > Does anyone know how to create a realistic candle flame and use it as a
>> > light source?  Please reply to me privately.  TIA
>> >
>> > Mr. Ashley McGlone
>> > Ash### [at] PremierWebNet

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