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  Re: Povray crashes  
From: Allan
Date: 21 Oct 2006 14:50:00
Message: <web.453a6af7b2080fe2387a47510@news.povray.org>
Good grief!  With an attitude like this it is no wonder that POV-ray for the
Mac is all but doomed for extinction.  Where you get such authority to
dismiss OS X like this is beyond my comprehension.  I have never heard
anyone in my years of experience ever say the gcc compiler was "poor".  As
to the "rushed and incomplete port" of OS X to the intel architecture:
where have you been hiding the last few years?  OS X has been running on
intel processors since version 10.0.  It was not rushed, on the contrary,
Apple took their time to release the intel version for obvious marketing

As for the "broken emulator", Apple clearly states that well written and
well behaved applications will run with no problem under Rosetta.  I have
the latest version of Photoshop v9.0.2 running on my MacPro: it is not yet
a native intel app and it runs under Rosetta with no problems whatsoever.
I also have Silo v1.42 running with no problems.  These are hardly trivial
applications.  What kind of platform dependent tricks do you employ in
POV-ray that a) makes it difficult to port, and b) breaks Rosetta?

Fortunately, MegaPOV is running great on the MacPro.  It is a native intel
app and has a number of very nice features that are not available in
POV-ray.  My advice to all the intel Mac users here: get MegaPOV and be

>Porting is not the problem: A quick and dirty port of almost
>anything is mostly trivial indeed, assuming it already works
>with a poor compiler like gcc and its even worse C and C++
>libraries in the first place.

>I have to seriously doubt your experience if you claim about
>yourself "Every app I've ever written for PPC Macs have ported
>easily over to Intel."

>reliable mostly due to the rushed and incomplete port of the
>Mac OS X.

>As previously stated, you should not expect an official version
>of POV-Ray for Mac OS X natively running on x86 PCs sold by
>Apple before 2008. However, there is of course some slim hope
>that if you keep bugging Apple, they will eventually fix their

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