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  Re: It's been a {FILTERED} year now.  
From: C  Cappai
Date: 10 Feb 2008 05:25:00
Message: <web.47aecfe8d365ebf33f9105a50@news.povray.org>
Chris Cason <del### [at] deletethistoopovrayorg> wrote:
> [GDS|Entropy] wrote:
> > I've offered my extra hosting disk space and any requird programming
> > services I can help with, as I am sure others have as well....to no
> > avail..not even dignified with a response..
> Where was this message sent? If it was on the mailing list it's possible it
> was never seen by any admin (I don't read the mailing list myself).
> In any event, hosting is not the issue, it's development of a new
> infrastructure and the subsequent administration of the comp. I'm able to
> host it and perform basic maintenance and updates, provided the system is
> basically automated. Something could be built on the old POVCOMP code is
> someone wishes to do so. However it would still require many man-days of
> someone's time to get it to a point where this would be possible.
> -- Chris

I am a "young cab" of Povray ... nevertheless, my first approach to 3d is
initiated through IRTC and POVCOMP. IRTC is a real mine: many wonderful images,
many sources code, a good philosophy. I believe that the resurrection of IRTC
and/or POVCOMP would give a new impulse to the diffusion of Povray.

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