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  Re: Zazzle site is open  
From: Renderdog
Date: 10 Mar 2003 13:55:03
Message: <web.3e6cdee4c070d06c4464ede80@news.povray.org>
William F. Pokorny wrote:
>I ordered Gilles' "The prisoners" on a large matte canvas some time ago. As you
>suggest the image is flat - less dynamic - when compared to the image on screen.
>I take some of this as simply the difference between print and screen
>technology, but certainly the matte finish also plays a part. The image you are
>printing should certainly influence your choices.
>As for resolution I am not sure on canvass you can print at resolutions much
>beyond 100dpi. It is really canvass and even if your printer is running at
> >100dpi it will be throwing ink at the woven  surface of the canvass
> and I doubt you'd see much more than an effective 100dpi.

I've experimented with printing on canvas and some glossy canvas can show
higher resolutions. Zazzle's prices are very good, so I'll order a large
matte canvas of the wet bird and see what I get. As you say, the image
itself makes a difference; luckily the wet bird will probably lend
itself well to a lower resolution matte print.

One of the reasons I purchased an Epson 2200 printer was so I could play
around with different media such as canvas, so that when I have an image
printed I'll have an idea of what it will/can look like. Test prints let
me make adjustments to my renders with the final media in mind. I've not
yet made a choice on canvas; I may well choose the higher gloss/resolution
canvas for future prints.

Another media I've been experimenting with is transparency over a backlit
panel. I'm hoping this will duplicate the onscreen look with the added
bonus of print resolution. www.photoglow.com has some very reasonable
prices if you want to look into that.

Thanks Gilles and William for your responses, I'll report back on the
Zazzle's print quality when I get it. And to answer Gilles' question about
the Venice scene, it's moving slow now that bike racing season is here,
and my next object, a gondola, is intimidating. I'm sure it will go well
after I dive in, and I'll enjoy drawing it, but drawing a curvy object
like a gondola using CSG's and isosurfaces will take some work.


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