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  Re: Tracking down slow renders  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 11 May 2023 08:02:07
Message: <645cd93f$1@news.povray.org>
On 5/10/23 17:27, Alain Martel wrote:
>  From my experience, when using +q0 to +q3, transparent pigments do show 
> as transparent. Both filter and transmit.
> Then, from +q4 to +q7, anything transparent shows as black, for any 
> pigment and any amount of filter or transmit.

Thanks Alain. This must mean the non refracting transparency is handled 
apart from refracted - we perhaps should add a 'level' for those sorts 
of rays too.

Also that the 'full ambient' and 'ambient' both meant the same "full 
ambient" in the original documentation.


Thanks jr. Your idea is better. It would add a somewhat large set of 
flags/ini options, but offer much more flexibility during debugging.

It's more doable with Christoph's post v3.7, quality code mechanisms 
cleanup. The individual controls are now booleans prior to the tracing 
conditionals - which means I should be able to override the quality 
level set booleans if I get the order of the flag / ini evaluations 
right. Or probably safer, but uglier to code, some method which 
remembers all the individual feature control settings and uses those at 
some later time during set up to override the quality determined boolean 

Bill P.

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