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  Re: Server failure  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 9 Jun 2021 05:15:01
Message: <60c08695$1@news.povray.org>
Following on from my previous post about the cause of the missing articles:

In the long term given I really don't have any insights into how our 
current news server does stuff internally (it's not open-source) and the 
fact it's old and unsupported I think I have no choice but to migrate to 
a different server (probably INN).

I should be able to code a means of converting articles between the 
respective spool formats to avoid needing to have the new server take a 
feed from the current one (this would add an unnecessary new component 
to the path of each article, amongst other possible tweaks).

For any articles still missing after I process the current spool and the 
previously nuked but saved db_*.itm files, I should be able to fetch 
them from the webview database. Once done I just need to port the spam 
filter and I should then be able to bring the new NNTP server up.

I will, if I can find a way to do it, attempt to keep the article 
numbers within the groups identical. If that's not possible, though, a 
full re-fetch of the groups will be necessary for NNTP users.

The priority I place on doing this will depend on whether or not I can 
get the missing articles back into the current server without it 
throwing a hissy fit and deleting them again.

-- Chris

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