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From: Chris Cason
Date: 25 May 2021 08:57:08
Message: <60acf424$1@news.povray.org>
I'll just pop a mention in this thread about how I manage my time WRT 
the project and server. This is because I also have to keep my head out 
of the day-to-day messaging and discussions.

Some of you may have noticed that for some topics I can start 
contributing very early in the thread. This possibly leads to an 
impression that I scan the forums daily and read all messages.

While I do from time to time read full discussion threads (sometimes 
well after they have ended), I do not check the server regularly at all. 
Instead I have an NNTP to Mailing List service running on povray.org 
which gates messages from a small selection of groups onto the list, and 
then through to me. If the topic of an email looks interesting I'll read 
more and/or drop into the forum.

Disclaimer: I know I could do similar with RSS, but this works for me. I 
even installed an RSS app on my iPad to see what it felt like to read 
that way but haven't kept using it. (On the plus side, when I was 
testing this I found a number of places I could improve the RSS generation).

Just an FYI anyhow. I'm here, but I'm sort of not here, if you know what 
I mean.

-- Chris

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