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  Re: The Sounds of POV-Ray  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 1 Apr 2021 11:21:08
Message: <6065e4e4$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/1/21 10:29 AM, ingo wrote:
> https://ingoogni.nl/povray/sounds-of-povray/the-sound-of-povray/
> The last weeks I've been exploring ways to use POV-Ray for sound creation.
> It actaully works quite simple. I put up a first article on it. Very basic
> (the site also). More will follow,
> Ingo
Wow. That's cool! :-)

I was also not aware of https://supercollider.github.io

I've done almost no animation over the years, but a question I've 
carried around for a long while is:

Has anyone has figured out how to add sound synchronization 'hooks' into 
rendered frames or file associated frames during particular frame 
renders by Pov-Ray?

I'm think something along the lines of generating a hook for a collision 
sound when a given collision between two shapes happens. The hook could 
be generated in a generic way allowing for other animation changes - the 
sound hook would track.

I'm guessing the synchronization must have been worked out by those 
doing renders (a), but I don't recall ever running across someone doing 
this in POV-Ray animations from the SDL.

(a) Been posted about in the past, but these guys at 
https://www.animusic.com/ have been at something like the merge of 
animation and music for long while.

Bill P.

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