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  Re: Running pov 3.1 on windows 10  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 20 Mar 2021 18:42:37
Message: <60567a5d@news.povray.org>
On 21/03/2021 03:07, srh wrote:
> I tried compatibility mode already (good suggestion, tho) and that did not work..as
to why, I have some other programs that work with povray...but only the older
versions....thanks for your response.

Are you trying to run the windows version of 3.1? If so, try the DOS 
version instead (however note that as far as I am aware this will not 
work in 64-bit versions of windows 10).

If you really absolutely need version 3.1 and later versions won't work 
even with an appropriate #version 3.1 directive added to their output 
files then you may have to set up a virtual machine with windows 95 or 
something and run it in there. It might even be worth booting a live 
linux ISO and seeing if the Linux 3.1 console version works.

If all else fails you could try building a new console exe from the source.

-- Chris

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