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  Re: JPatch 0.2 released  
From: sascha
Date: 25 Apr 2003 11:55:42
Message: <3ea95a7e@news.povray.org>
Does pre-alpha suggest that it isn't useful?

Well, what it's trying to say is that
1) there are some features missing we'd like to implement before a 
feature-freeze and "real" alpha, beta and finally a stable 1.0 release.
2) it's probably full of bugs ;-)
3) it's under active development and in a state where we easily can 
integrate new features/improvements/etc...

The primary reason for releasing it in this "pre-alpha" state is to gain 
as much user-feedback as possible.

I'd say it's about as "useful" as sPatch is, but might have some bugs. 
At the current state Windows-users may prefer using sPatch or hamaPatch, 
but even yet it might be of some use to Mac- or Linux-users.

I've done some testing and fixed every bug I've found - so in general 
you could trust the program and it's undo feature, but still it's better 
to save often...

-Sascha Ledinsky

Thomas Willhalm wrote:
> sascha wrote:
>>JPatch 0.2 pre-alpha released
>>Today we* have made availible a new pre-alpha version (0.2) of
>>our 3D Modeler "JPatch". It can be downloaded from
> Cool. The screenshots suggest that it's already something very useful,
> so "pre-alpha" is perhaps a little bit too modest.
> Thomas (who unfortunately doesn't have the time at the moment do to some
> modelling)

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