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  Re: German book on plant modelling with POV-Ray images  
From: Norbert Kern
Date: 13 Feb 2003 15:03:52
Message: <3e4bfa28@news.povray.org>

I'm proud of having an image of mine included in the Deussen book on plant
But the xfrog trees fail in good branch / trunk connections. Of course this
is true for most tree generators so far.
But recently I found this:
This program, a Lightwave plugin, makes the most realistic branch trunk
A second feature are the advanced UV-mapping features of "Treesdesigner".
If you can implement this two features, Pov-Ray would be outstanding in
making natural scenes.

But your little java tool is very useful as it is, thank you for it!


"Gena" <obu### [at] mailcom> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I think that if I will be able to complete the following features
> (which are in my wish list for future releases) in POV-Tree it will
> be close to Xfrog  ;)  The only everlasting  problem is...  a lack
> of time :(
> - Interactive mesh editor which will allow to
>   delete/move/rotate/scale elements in preview
>   window. It could be used for final tuning of the tree.
> - Interactive Leaf Editor. It could be used for
>   mesh leaf modelling
> - Wizard which will guide you through several steps
>   for tree creation. So that it won't be necessary
>   to specify all parameters.
> - OpenGL support. Using OpenGL POV-Tree could have
>   much faster preview. But there are also some
>   drawbacks. It will be platform specific because
>   OpenGL is a platform specific library. Also for
>   OpenGL you have to download additional Java3D
>   package which is additional 4 MBytes or so. Maybe
>   it makes sense to make two versions of POV-Tree
>   one w/ and the other w/o OpenGL.
> - Effects tab with the following features:
>   * Snow
>   * Lights (like Christmas lights on trees)
>   * Wind
>   * Gravity
> - Prepare more image maps for leaves and blossoms
> - Prepare more examples and scene files
> - Mesh Import
> Gena.

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