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  Re: IsoCSG Library version 0.7  
From: Tim Riley
Date: 18 Jun 2003 14:31:30
Message: <3EF0B008.3020400@netscape.net>
I just noticed that the Insert Menu in the distributed Windows
release has a physical limit. After adding the iso_csg items,
all items show up in menu, but after a certain point, clicking
on an item will not include the text in the scene file.

Just adding the iso_csg items, the breakpoint occurs in the
Insert/ISOcsg include file/iso_bcsg.inc/Transform Macros
sub-menu. Clicking on IC_BScale will include its related
text into the file, clicking on IC_Scale will not.

Adding the recently posted Basic Templates to the menu (sorry,
I don't know who posted it, the file is at home; but it is
well done and very useful) shifts the point up. It now
occurs in the Insert/Shapes sub-menu, between quadric and

I was about to count the maximum number of items the Insert
menu could support, but I remembered I had a life. I'm
guessing that it is hardcoded to 256. Someone familiar with
the source code could check for certain. If people are going
to be creating these Insert menu additions, this limit has
to be increased to take advantage of them.

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