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  Re: Zazzle site is open  
From: William F  Pokorny
Date: 10 Mar 2003 09:40:05
Message: <3E6CA3C5.E124F539@attglobal.net>
I ordered Gilles' "The prisoners" on a large matte canvas some time ago. As you
suggest the image is flat - less dynamic - when compared to the image on screen.
I take some of this as simply the difference between print and screen
technology, but certainly the matte finish also plays a part. The image you are
printing should certainly influence your choices.   

As for resolution I am not sure on canvass you can print at resolutions much
beyond 100dpi. It is really canvass and even if your printer is running at
>100dpi it will be throwing ink at the woven  surface of the canvass and I doubt you'd
see much more than an effective 100dpi. 

One feature I think is sorely missing from Zazzle is the ability to preview the
image as a print while on line. While it might take some invention, I think it
possible to present an on screen image which to a significant degree reflects
the image as it will look printed. I suppose one brute force method would be for
Zazzle to digitally photograph prints of different types as they print and ship
them to customers - of course under some standardized indoor lighting. Perhaps
POV-Ray could play a part in generating these as printed images? As things are
today we have to make an educated guess about how the image will look printed
and I am afraid sometimes people will be disappointed... 

By the way, I think this is on topic. Many of us have an interest in obtaining
prints of POV-Ray images.   
Bill P.    
Renderdog wrote:
> I noticed zazzle was new yesterday and the first thing I did was rate "The
> wet bird" a 10. I intend to order a large print but I wonder about the
> resolution of Zazzle prints. 100dpi is a little low.
> Has anyone bought a print on matte canvas? I prefer matte since glossy
> surfaces cause too much reflection. While some images lend themselves to a
> glossy look, and glossy prints generally have a higher dynamic range, you
> can really see the image clearly with a matte finish.

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