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  Document -CC/+CC command line and Create_Continue_Trace_Log ini opt.  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 6 Dec 2016 06:43:26
Message: <5846a45e$1@news.povray.org>
Per recent discussions and issue work I think we should document the -CC 

Reference :




I think it comes to adding something like :


Create_Continue_Trace_Log=bool  Save state information in file on/off
+CC Save state information in file on
-CC Save state information in file off

The state or continue trave information file must exist for the 
Continue_Trace=true / +C option to work.


to the section:


Also in that section we today have this bit:

"This option reads in the previously generated output file, displays the 
partial image rendered so far, then proceeds with the ray-tracing. This 
option cannot be used if file output is disabled with Output_to_file=off 
or -F."

However, I think "Output_to_file=off or -F" suppresses the creation of 
the final output image file not the state/log file needed to continue a 
trace. Thinking we might re-work the above paragraph to refer to the 
state/log file instead and drop reference to the output to file option 

Aside: There are other documentation updates sitting in the two 
references above, but thinking we should go after those later in 
dedicated threads for sake of clarity.

Bill P.

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