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  Re: Help file searching, oddity.  
From: James Holsenback
Date: 19 May 2013 06:42:17
Message: <5198ac89$1@news.povray.org>
On 05/17/2013 07:03 AM, Stephen wrote:
> This may be due to my system and setup (Win7 64 bit). But in the help file:

> enter. I get a list of keywords below it and a list in the RHS window
> (okay so far). If I click on, say, adc_bailout in the RHS window. I get
> the entry for it displayed with the header at the top of the screen.
> If I double click on it in the LHS window the display goes to the header
> for 3.4.1 Global Settings.

> click on aa_level in the LHS window nothing happens. Nor does anything
> happen for the next two entries, to absorption.  Double clicking on


> just below it. But
> I could go on. (I often do ;-) )
> BTW the help for 3.6.2 does something similar.
> The fact that I have not seen anyone mention this makes me suspicious
> that it is something to do with my system. If that is so what can I do?
> Oops! there is an entry from JamesB7271 on 11th of March 2012.

I reviewed all the cases you mentioned above, and the indexentry tag for 
those entry /all/ appear to be in the proper place ... I'm thinking the 
algorithm that produces the search-able index has some problems.


{{#indexentry:adc_bailout, global_settings}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, adc_bailout}}


==Sampling Parameters & Methods==
<p>Media effects are calculated by sampling the media along the path of 
the ray. It uses a process called <em>Monte Carlo integration.</em> 
POV-Ray provides three different types of media sampling. The 
<code>method</code> keyword lets you specify what sampling type is used.</p>

<p class="Note"><strong>Note:</strong> As of version 3.5 the default 
sampling <code>method</code> is 3, and it's default for 
<code>intervals</code> is 1. Sampling methods 1 and 2 have been retained 
for legacy purposes.</p>

{{#indexentry:aa_threshold, media}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, aa_threshold}}
{{#indexentry:aa_level, media}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, aa_level}}


<p><code>abs(A)</code><br>Absolute value of <code>A</code>. If 
<code>A</code> is negative, returns <code>-A</code> otherwise returns 

<p><code>acos(A)</code><br>Arc-cosine of <code>A</code>. Returns the 
angle, measured in radians, whose cosine is <code>A</code>.</p>


{{#indexentry:absorption, media}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, absorption}}
<p>The <code>absorption</code> keyword specifies a color of light which 
is absorbed when looking through the media. For example, 
<code>absorption rgb<0,1,0></code> blocks the green light but 
permits red and blue to get through. Therefore a white object behind the 
media will appear magenta. The default value is 
<code>rgb<0,0,0></code> which means no light is absorbed, meaning 
all light passes through normally.</p>


{{#indexentry:charset, global_settings}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, charset}}
{{#indexentry:ascii, global_settings}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, ascii}}
{{#indexentry:utf8, global_settings}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, utf8}}
{{#indexentry:sys, global_settings}}
{{#indexentry:keyword, sys}}

<p>This allows you to specify the assumed character set of all text strings.

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