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  Re: Animation of molecular structures  
From: Bruce
Date: 26 Nov 2004 19:43:43
Message: <41a7cdbf@news.povray.org>

> Dear community, dear chemists and crystallographers,
> i proudly present the completed english tutorial for CrystaPOV.

That's really an impressive piece of work! Good job.
I'm not personnally a chimist (rather of of these engineers), but I'm 
sure my student sister will appreciate for his lab works :-)

Just one question : I quickly read Your tutorial and saw a lot of option 
about rendering (especially work on texture or light). The goal of such 
pictures is rather to guve a touchable representation of something hard 
to represent, what is then the goal of exploding time render needed 
(using radiosity for example) just for some "artistic" needs? Anyway, 
that's optionnal, so it won't be boring, but I was wondering the use of 
representing carbon atom as wood :-)

> If You should have comments, critic or a good idea how to improve the whole
> thing, i would be happy if You would tell me.

Not really tested yet (I just quickly read the tutorial), but I'll use 
my last knowledges in chemistry to try it tomorrow

Good night to all Europeans, good evening to American and good morning 
top people living in Asia.


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