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15 Aug 2022 16:02:26 EDT (-0400)
  Re: PROOF : core include files and test code.  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 22 Mar 2022 08:30:00
Message: <6239c148@news.povray.org>

Here is an updated package, including "oocore.inc". The test file 
"oocore_ut.pov" provides examples on how classes can be defined and how 
main OO features can work in the "testing whole classes" section.

Again, for the time being, this is only a study, and requires v3.8beta2.

Soon, and if this approach is accepted by people here, I will go further 
with POV objects encapsulation within PROOF. As I already said, such an 
encapsulation, in itself, does not bring much compared to native syntax. 
Except we now can deal with objects and classes we can derive and attach 
behaviour to.

To my eyes, POV-Sdl is not really a *programming* language. It is a 
Scene Description Language, which is quite different and very 
specialized. Since we have Object Orientedness, perhaps we could be in 
position to make it a *real* programming language. Even if not 
full-featured, even with limitations, even with syntactic and functional 

Of course, if it finally appears that nobody is interested, I will stop 
the study and drop PROOF. Will not bother me much.




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