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20 May 2022 15:54:42 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Photons - Please Test  
From: Alain
Date: 1 Apr 2018 15:24:57
Message: <5ac13209$1@news.povray.org>
Le 18-03-31 à 21:41, Sven Littkowski a écrit :
> Hi. No, I posted it again, because my newsgroup reader did not show me
> my first thread. I thought, it got lost or never submitted. I have that
> problem since just a relatively short time. It is a software-related
> problem. My apologies for the double-posting.
> ---
> Diese E-Mail wurde von AVG auf Viren geprüft.
> http://www.avg.com

Any post can take some time to appear after you hit the send button.

Your reader query the server every few minutes to see if there are any 
new posts. If you sent something just after that query, that won't show 
up for some time.

You can set your reader to check for new posts more often. It may also 
be possible to manualy force the reader to check or refresh the list.

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