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  variable debugging  
From: Robert
Date: 6 Jan 2005 11:16:59
Message: <41dd647b@news.povray.org>
Hi there,

i`m trying to programm a little bit in povray and would see the values of 
variables I programmed. This works fine so far with the #debug argument, but 
when I want to output more than one variable via #debug, all is written in a 
row. How can I perform a line brake?

Many thanks for help,



#debug concat("  h1=",vstr(3, h1, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  k1=",vstr(3, k1, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  l1=",vstr(3, l1, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  a=",vstr(3, h, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  b=",vstr(3, k, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  c=",vstr(3, l, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  P=",vstr(3, P, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  M1=",vstr(3, M1, ",", 0,1))
#debug concat("  M2=",vstr(3, M2, ",", 0,1))

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