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  transformation matrix  
From: jr
Date: 25 Dec 2018 12:20:05
Message: <web.5c226659252b677e48892b50@news.povray.org>

the documentation for the transformation matrix says: "... you will not use the
matrix keyword because it is ... harder to visualize."  however, although
"mathematically challenged", I'd like to learn to use it on occasion.

that in mind, can someone please explain why the manual ( mentions a
"..fourth column implicitly set to <0,0,0,1>..", but the subsequent equations do
not include/use those values.

I've attached a WIP script, "POV-Ray matrix maker", a simpe UI which displays a
reference point and its transformation as per the matrix values given.  the
recalculation takes place whenever the focus moves from one control to another
(ie <Tab> and <Shift-Tab>), the copy button places the current matrix (SDL) on
the clipboard.  requires Tk.

feedback sought.  enjoy.

regards, jr.

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