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  Characters for my game  
From: Pekka Aho
Date: 7 May 2021 08:10:00
Message: <web.60952ceca797c208d0cd701047dba873@news.povray.org>

Here's a quick mash-up of a few characters for my game under development. I've
intentionally kept them minimalistic, as I try to capture the atmosphere the
games had some 30 or so years ago, more precisely playing mechanics from the
80's and pre-rendered gfx elements from the 1st half of the 90's.

The actual in-game characters will be just 50x70 pixels in size on the screen,
so also this in mind I wanted to keep it simple. Nothing too spectacular this
time, just some wacky variations of pure CSG rooster heads for my game project.

Here I present a tech-augmented rooster, a borg drone, an abhorrence and a
cosmic endtime traveller. Also in the middle there's a version of the cyborg
elite guard I tried to model after the System Shock 1 (1994) box cover with some
pure guesses, as I lacked a lot of info on how the original character looks from
sides or back (the in-game sprites aren't helping much in this scale of detail).

Have a nice weekend everyone, cheers! :)


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