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  Re: Glow lights 2(~40K) - glowlits.jpeg (1/1)  
From: Chris Huff
Date: 21 Nov 2000 05:29:59
Message: <chrishuff-1127E8.05302121112000@news.povray.org>
In article <d3uj1tkriq3e2scfg0n5jrbdrdo1b5iodb@4ax.com>, Alan Kong 
<ako### [at] povrayNO-SPAMorg> wrote:

>   Which version of MegaPOV or MegaPOVplus are you using for this scene,
> or is this a development version of your glows patch?

It is a development version of MegaPOVPlus, with a convert_color() 
function, an updated glow patch, and a few other things.

Christopher James Huff
Personal: chr### [at] maccom, http://homepage.mac.com/chrishuff/
TAG: chr### [at] tagpovrayorg, http://tag.povray.org/


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