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  Re: My Office...  
From: Reuben Pearse
Date: 14 Feb 2008 03:50:20
Message: <47B400D4.6030509@pearse.co.uk>

There are some pencils and a pen pot on the Povobjects site. See the 
link below:


Does lib.povray.org now have all the objects that are on the povobjects 
site? Or is it a case of contacting the original authors and getting 
them to re-submit their objects so that they're covered under LGPL?

It would be great to see a browseable objects package included as part 
of the standard POV install.

Bye for now

Chambers wrote:
> ...is sadly underfurnished :(
> Please help us add objects to it!
> (See my post in p.object-collection)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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