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  Re: Mysterious vanishing isosurface  
From: clipka
Date: 11 Dec 2016 19:08:22
Message: <584dea76$1@news.povray.org>
Am 12.12.2016 um 00:51 schrieb Mike Horvath:

>> A suggesting is trying the isosurface coded in your scene at a rotations
>> around where it is breaking up, at a low resolution, no aa+, area light,
>> etc., as
>> isosurface {
>> }
>> not used by reference (github #114 (#113 is related)), so you get some
>> idea what the max gradient really is and how it is changing.
>> Bill P.
> I don't understand. What are you saying?

He's suggesting that rather than

    #declare Whatever = isosurface {...}
    object { Whatever }

you should use (at least temporarily)

    isosurface {...}

as this will allow POV-Ray to give you a warning if it thinks your
max_gradient is a poor choice (whether unnecessarily high or too low).

Alternatively, use the brand-new development release I posted about a
couple of minutes ago, which should be able to do the same stunt without
any changes to your scene file.

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