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From: santividal
Date: 19 Oct 2022 12:40:00
Message: <web.635027ffd96dc7fcdd71315024a2c7df@news.povray.org>
Him I am trying to replicate this water droplets all around the tap -see the
image attached-, so maybe a series of droplets every 12 or 24 degrees around z
axis. How should I do that? I know it is a beginner trick, but I am trying
different #while sentences and it doesn't seem to work out. Could somebody help
me? Here is the code I am using to achieve the droplets look like a trajectory.

Thanks in advance for any help,


#declare posX = 0.02;
#declare posY = 0.82;
#declare dy = 0.055;
#declare posZ=0;
#declare posZ= <0,0,posZ+12>;

    #while (posX < 0.3)
    sphere {
    <posX,posY,0>, 0.01
    material { agua }  }
    #declare dy = dy - 0.01;
    #declare posX = posX + 0.02;
    #declare posY = (posY + dy);

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