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  Re: Double Pendulum Animation  
From: dick balaska
Date: 2 Jul 2018 09:37:13
Message: <5b3a2a89$1@news.povray.org>
On 07/02/2018 08:53 AM, JimT wrote:

> I'm guessing what you were passing between frames were the two angles and
> angular velocities in order to do a numerical solution of the ODEs. However, I
> think your numerical solution scheme is adding energy. You start off with the
> balls both stationary and horizontal. Later in the motion BOTH balls are above
> the horizontal. 

I noticed this too.  But then later they resolve back towards 0. I 
figured the added energy was on purpose for effect.

Welcome to the dark side, where animations are greater than 1 second 
long, Mr. le pirate.

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