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From: Bald Eagle
Subject: Bubbles
Date: 20 Dec 2023 23:05:00
Message: <web.6583b856f781b1d91f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
So, I've been way off my usual schedule, and so haven't had a lot of time to
focus on some of my other projects.

But I was watching a video about soap bubbles
and I found the bit about the film separating the two bubbles interesting.

For 2 bubbles, the radius of curvature of the film is ridiculously simple to
calculate, but then when I actually tried to sketch it out, I found that all of
the things that I needed to do were remarkably complex.  And that was just
sticking to 2D circles in the xy plane with "axis-aligned" circle centers.

It was certainly a lot trickier than it seemed at first glance.

It would be an interesting set of macros to calculate all this in 3D so as to
make some nice actual bubbles with iridescence, but thinking about what would be
necessary to make large bubble clusters makes my head hurt.

- BW

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