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From: Leroy
Subject: Re: Seeking complex prism advice
Date: 15 Oct 2019 17:05:00
Message: <web.5da632cb39eb184f62a41b890@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:

> Now, having said that, Leroy just chimed in right after you, and so I gave his
> site a quick look.  One of the things I noticed, given some work that I still
> need to finish on the first part, is the pulley file.   I think that if
> something was put together to create a pulley/belt system - that would address
> quite a lot of what I was after.
> And it would serve double duty actually describing a pulley/belt system.
> Throw in a twist to allow using 3+ sided "pulleys" and there's our linear bends.
> And I have a nice little equation that allows making any N-sided shape.  I can't
> recall if I've posted that or not.
> (I haven't tracked down the same in 3D --- yet)

I did start to make a macro to make a animated 3+ pulley system.
  The first part to make the pulleys:
   each pulley has to have a unique location and size and the variables to make
   the pulley using the pulley macro would need adjusting.
  then make the belt:
   the basic shape of the belt is the inverse of the pulley surface with the
   sides trimmed or not and the outer face extended or not.
   the streight parts of the belt can be a 'prism'  scale to fit between
   the Curved parts which can be made with 'lathe'
  then textures for each:
   each pulley should has an unique texture that can be rotated smoothly or
    rotate each pulley with a fixed texture
   the belt would have a texture for each part. The curved parts would be rotate
   the streight parts would need to match the curved and move in a linear
   along its path
Making the textures is where I left off. Looking back at what I just wrote. I
remember why I stopped. To many dang variables. Making shapes where fairly
simple but a lot of variables and doing texture blow the door off the variable
count. There is the KISS(Keep it Simple Stupid) factor kick in. Words I try to
live by.

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From: Dick Balaska
Subject: Re: Seeking complex prism advice
Date: 16 Oct 2019 07:03:34
Message: <5da6f906$1@news.povray.org>
On 10/15/19 2:07 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:

> I'd like to stay out of M$ & windoze, but right now, if I need to draw it, then
> it's probably easier to just shut down and reboot into Win7 and use VISIO, and
> then reboot into Linux Mint to then use the drawings.

I run Mint on a SSD, and then run Windows 8 in a VirtualBox window, 
pointing to my old spinny disk. (I wish I could turn off that 99% of the 
time).  The only downer is I get a 1024x768 window; rough on Visual 
Studio, but it works.

> Maybe after I do a thorough disk cleanup / backup I'll look into installing
> WINE, but I'm not there yet.

M$ Office violates just about every published Windows API.  I'd be 
surprised if that worked under wine.

Hmm, maybe it will for you if you have the right version of Visio.

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