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  Re: Realistic Lunar Rendering Tool  
From: Mr
Date: 26 Jul 2022 04:45:00
Message: <web.62dfa8d1504dd6dd16086ed06830a892@news.povray.org>
"JayTan" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> Hi:
> This is my first posting to this forum.
> I've seen a few decent attempts to render the moon, some better than others,
> so I thought I'd add my twopence worth and share my solution to the problem
> of photo-realistic lunar rendering.
> It was the simplest solution I could arrive at after several attempts at using
> bump maps, spherical iso-surfaces and height fields.
> Example renderings:
> and
> jpg
> and
> i-O-Procellarum.jpg
> Anyone who wishes to check it out can experiment with the code.
> All information on the LUNEX program, entire source code and all
> required texture maps are freely available at:
> http://phpsciencelabs.us/lunar-base/lunex-for-pov-ray/
> All the HD lunar renderings at the site below were produced by a modified
> version of LUNEX.
> http://phpsciencelabs.us/lunar-base/lunar-hemispheric-phase-explorers-hd/
> I would welcome any constructive suggestions and opinions on the package
> since it's my first major POV-Ray project and would like to see other peoples
> POV-Ray lunar rendering solutions.
> Jay
> http://www.PHPScienceLabs.US

Hi, I just looked at pictures, this is thrilling ! Have you tried lowering the
brilliance finish parameter slightly below 1.0 so that it more closely matches
the high (oren nayar type) sigma of lunar rocky surface? ambient should be 0 and
it also looks to me like diffuse reflectivity could be very slightly lowered to
keep corresponding contrast once brilliance is tweaked (specular seems spot-on
though !)(if using latest POV, maybe even just using albedo keyword would be

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